About Us

Origin of CSBD

Cognitive Solution Bangladesh shortly known as CSBD is mainly a research based organization. CSBD is a team of young statisticians who aims to provide professional solution to different kind of research problems and train others in different statistical tools. It also offers training on different statistical tools so that anyone can conduct his research works independently. We work with a wide range of educational providers, research fellow (Masters, M.Phil, and Ph.D.), local governments, national and international organizations. Our expert team can provide any kind of research solution in the field of Education, Social, Agricultural, Medical, Financial and Banking sectors.


  • To provide high quality, customer oriented & affordable work.
  • Maintain a strict protocol to meet the timeline.
  • Ensure all kinds of support from setup to completion of a project.
  • Prepare Young generation ready for carrying out independent research.


  • Best Algorithms’ Uses in Research.
  • Research and Statistical Training at Affordable Price.
  • Best Time Efficiency of Deadlines.
  • Reinventing An Analytic Generation by Removing Educational Background Dependencies.