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Best ColorOS 12 Features & Changes You Need To Know



OPPO ColorOS 12 Features: Check out the latest skin – OPPO brand officially launched a new version of ColorOS 12 based on Android 12. Some models can be the first to experience the upgrade of the public beta version of the ColorOS 12 new system. 

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It focuses on borderless design, with quantum animation engine 3.0 and AI self-smooth engine 2.0 technologies, which ensure the smoothness of the system, and a large number of user-friendly experiences have received a lot of praise. Let’s take a look.

OPPO ColorOS 12 Features

Regarding the changes in ColorOS 12, let’s first take a look at the interface UI. At first glance, it looks similar to the previous icon style, but you can experience its flat style at a closer look. By changing the light and shadow and details, the icon style is more realistic, and the visual is more concise and clear, giving people a more relaxed, smoother, and more transparent first impression. 

The new “Acrylic Icon” design introduces more translucent elements, just like the visual effect of acrylic, which is undoubtedly more recognizable. In addition, the design of the smart sidebar has also changed. It has become a double-row design, with scene recognition, file management, automatic recognition, reading articles, smart subtitles, small window shorthand, drama listening mode, and other functional options, greatly improving the Mobile phone experience.

Your OS has never looked so good or felt so intuitive. ColorOS 12’s sleek interface is made to bend perfectly to your needs, with a laser focus on usability. ColorOS 12 features a streamlined design that strips away distractions, so you can focus on the stuff you need to do—quicker, smoother, slicker. Read more OPPO 90FPS Supported Device List in BGMI/PUBG Mobile

3D Icons

ColorOS 12 pleases the eye with new translucent app icons. Tasteful light and shadow elements combine to create depth and a feeling of space, for the sharpest-ever interface design. Each design draws from reality to make the apps instantly recognizable.

New Always On Display

ColorOS 12 joyfully offers you a whole spectrum of ways to channel your creativity into your Always-on Display—fully customizable, for maximum joy every time you glance the way of your screen. Play designer by adjusting a template, or go further by creating all-new aesthetics. R

PC Connect

A system-level cross-screen interconnection solution is provided on ColorOS 12. By downloading an OPPO exclusive installation file on the computer, after installing and running on a Windows 10 computer, it can be used in the ColorOS 12 system. Mobile phones to achieve cross-screen collaboration. Not only does it display a screen in the phone on the computer screen, but it also supports copying and pasting of information, as well as file drag and interaction. The operation method is like putting the phone into the computer and turning it into a built-in computer device, breaking the difference The physical barriers between devices make control and transmission more efficient.

Interaction between your phone and computer should be seamless. Introducing PC Connect—for easy sync between devices. Think of it as one brain across multiple screens.

Working, browsing, and playing over multiple devices is the new normal. Make your day-to-day flexible with shared notifications and clipboards, for a more fluid digital life.

Want to edit your files, or move easily between devices? With PC Connect it’s as simple and instant as drag-and-drop or edit with one click. Read more Get The Latest ColorOS System Launcher V11.3.00 and 8.0 for OPPO Smartphones

Smart Sidebar 2.0

Smart Sidebar, powered by Google Lens, translates from foreign languages into your own with just a tap, with up to 100 languages supported. It can even translate text in images. Italian street signs? Conquered.

Accessibility 2.0

ColorOS 12 goes further than other operating systems in syncing to your unique needs with industry-leading accessibility features across color, vision, and sound.

ColorOS 12’s advanced Color Vision Enhancement adjusts color tones to create more distinction between shades and tones.

Prefer to listen than reading, or just want the option to multitask? Tap text on-screen to have it spoken to you instead.

To avoid eye strain or make the smaller text more easily read, ColorOS 12’s one-tap magnification enlarges text on command. Read more Here You Can Check Warranty of Realme & OPPO Phones

Phone Manager

Phone Manager does smart things so you don’t have to, optimizing performance and clearing junk without interruption. Extend battery life and expand storage with just a tap.

New Privacy Control

Privacy Dashboard: Manage all permissions easily with a clear overview in the Privacy Dashboard. Finding an app too invasive, or want to give more access? ColorOS 12 puts you in the driver’s seat.

Microphone and Camera Indicators: Stay on top of your privacy as you navigate your digital life. ColorOS 12 gives you instant icon prompts whenever an app wants to engage camera or mic.

Microphone and Camera Toggles: Nothing is set in stone when it comes to your permissions. Disable any app’s camera or mic permissions with one swipe down the control center.

Quantum Animation Engine 3.0

Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 gives hyper-smooth responsiveness-to-touch, with fluid scrolling and screen interaction that virtually mirrors real-world physics. For example, widgets have a “virtual mass”, so that each has a distinct response when dragged.

AI System Booster

By focusing CPU power on apps in use, AI System Booster ensures maximum responsiveness at all times, even as you move at speed between apps and tasks—for hyper-smooth performance from your OS.

Infinite screen

In the beautiful details, ColorOS 12 brings the infinite screen 2.0 function. Only creation supports the off-screen style. You can also use the built-in artist cooperation screen to express yourself. In addition, there are multiple customization options such as colors, fonts, icons, light effects, fingerprints, etc., which can make the entire interface and unlock screen more personalized.


In ColorOS 12, OPPO uses the Face Capture algorithm to create a high-precision 3D model virtual image based on 50 core expression bases. We can customize 10 image characteristics such as skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and nose, totaling 200 With multiple trendy clothing elements and emojis, creativity is still good. Let every user have their own Omoji avatar, which can be implanted in various gameplays to create their own coolness.

Download ColorOS 12 Omoji Avatar APK v1.0.0 – Try now

In general, in an era when mobile phone chip architecture and screen matching are becoming more and more similar, what can improve the user experience should be the internal system optimization details. The OPPO brand has always been well-known in this regard, and I believe there will be more in the future. Better functions make us refreshing. Read more OPPO ColorOS 11.3 Games Space Features: How to use it?

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